Glocman International

  • 90% of Glocman's activities are based internationally. Malayalees are scattered to almost in 150 countries. We need a coordination for mutual support. Once we are effectively Coordinated we could get into many income earning activities with out much investments. ( like commission agency business, no MLM).

  • We are planning to bring foreign clients from across the globe to Kerala for tourism, medical tourism, home stays, business etc. We welcome investors for these projects.

Glocman Domestic

This is purely Kerala based. We are planning franchise outlets in 941 panchayats, 87 municipality and in corporation areas. Basically Pravasi Malayalees needs services like sending gift to relatives, property and estate management. Franchises will get lots of commission agency opportunities like sending students for foreign universities, Global classifieds etc.

A franchise business opportunities in all towns. Pravasi Malayalees needs services like sending Gifts to their relatives on festive occasions. Lot many commission earning businesses we are planning via franchise outlets. Interested people from various towns of kerala kindly leave your details and some one will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Glocman?

Glocman is a facilitator company that links between Pravasi Malayalees who are in overseas countries and the service providers who are based in Kerala.

Have we planned any projects?

We are in the process of discussions with various Malayalees' organizations from different corners of the world, and we are inviting more interested members for further discussions. We got many potential ideas.

How Pravasi Malayalees get benefited?

Various ways.
1. They could work as marketing agents for Kerala products and services.
2. Interested people could get into self employed by joining the fine Network without investment.
(many schemes are there, please let us know your interest).

How does the system work?

Basically in all countries, we work only through forming a Ltd company. All the money matters are secure.

What do Glocman support mean?

Basically Glocman network will be a mutual support for all Pravasi Malayalees. We aim to get discounted airfares, mortgage rates, car and home insurance from the service providers.