Local Franchise Services

Property management

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Estates

Gift distribution

  • Only branded items
  • Wreaths, flower bouquets

Classifieds & Matrimonial

Tech jobs outsourced from abroad

  • Online PC repair
  • Virus removal & reformat

Online Doctor consultation

  • All medical specialities
  • Ayurvedic
  • Homeopathic

Online tuition service

Foreign University admission sub agency

Foreign property buying.

Company formation in abroad countries.

Many of the Pravasi malayalees who are working abroad are struggling to find some one who look after their properties in Kerala. Many are not paying proper rent in commercial & residential properties. To manage their agricultural plantations like rubber,coconut farm , to find rubber tapers, coconut climbers on time.

If we organise things properly, we could sell agricultural products in good price,may be find a better export opportunity.

There are many opportunities for the Local Franchise Officers to earn big amount of commission in many sectors.

If you find a business man who want to buy a business / property in abroad. ( Example 6 years ago a Malayali bought the Scotland yard police head quarters in London for Rs 1200 crores. )

If you supply 1 student for a foreign university admission,you may get minimum of Rs 20000 as commission. Because Glocman UK is in touch with many universities. We do not take money from clients we work only as commission agents, so nothing to worry about cheating.