Glocman Real Estate

Glocman plans to run its real estate net work in all countries. In each country there will be an head office with a supporting team comprising of solicitors, senior sales negotiators, mortgage advisors, search experts etc. Pravasi Malayalees could earn an attractive second income by working from home.

Glocman Homestays

If the Pravasi Malayalees around the Globe cooperate, let's direct affordable home stay clients to Kerala from all corners of the world. Let us promote Village home stays, you could earn a better percentage of commission for sending claims.

Glocman Medical

Medical treatments & surgery are less expensive in Kerala compared to other parts of the world, so let us refer clients from across the world and earn attractive commission.

Glocman Dental

We have planned to set up an International Dental centre in Central Kerala under the direct ownership of Pravasi Malayalees. This will attract global dental clients for cosmetic treatments like Dental Implants and crowns. Pravasi Malayalee families will be well cared and could enjoy discounted treatment costs.

Glocman Ayurvedic

There is tremendous potential for Ayurvedic tourism. This sector will be directly owned and managed by Pravasi Malayalees. Those who refer foreign clients will be given higher commission rates.

Glocman Classifieds

Currently there is no platform to advertise and communicate on international level for the Pravasi Malayali's business needs. Country wise targeted advertising will be possible. Here particular country coordinators and Kerala town wise franchise will divide the commission.

Glocman Matrimonial

It is mainly targeted for overseas Malayalees. Many are seeking proposals from foreign settled professionals.

Trade Logo For All Sectors

Glocman Air Tickets

We are trying to setup a Global agency, that will beat all the other market prices. We welcome expert partners in this field.

Glocman Tourism

We want to promote Kerala tourism overseas through Pravasi Malayalees. House boat, resorts and all tourist destinations will be propagated under the trade name Glocman and Pravasi Malayalees will earn high rates of commission.

Glocman Students Recruitments

Glocman has got direct access to all UK universities, and we are in the process of supplying students. We welcome more subagents from Kerala. We also want access to universities of other countries, so more partners welcome.

Glocman Gift Services

We are planning 1000 franchise outlets all over kerala to serve the Pravasi Malayalees and their families. We serve only branded products as gifts. Cakes, flowers, and many more special gifts on festive occasions, ceremonies, birthdays etc.

Glocman Marketing(Kerala Products to all corners of World)

We are planning to make a Directory of Kerala products and propagate to all corners of the world. The Pravasi Malayalees who gets a lead for the export order will be given a handsome fee.

Glocman Property Managements

currently many Malayalees in western countries are working in property management sector. Good opportunity for Malayalees to get into self employment.

Glocman IT

If the IT companies from Kerala are interested in getting work from abroad, please stay under Glocman IT, please let us know your speciality.

Glocman Web builders

Kindly Web builders & developers stay under the title Glocman. We will try to get maximum work from overseas as we planning Glocman support offices in all countries.

Glocman PC Repairs

We are looking for online PC repair experts from Kerala. You could fix the virus problems and reformat the computer software. Pravasi Malayalees may canvas pc repair works from different parts of the world and earn good money.

Glocman Support

Basically Glocman network will be a mutual support for all Pravasi Malayalees. We aim to get discounted airfares, mortgage rates, car and home insurance from the service providers.